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A description of each of our Interest Sections and their contact persons are below. For more information, please contact the interest section leader. If the position is vacant, please contact the current President as listed on the Executive Board section of the website. In addition, some of these interest sections have a Georgia TESOL Forum, so check out the Forums tab on our Home Page.

Adult Education (AE)-- brings together the knowledge,  precepts, and skills of two distinct but compatible areas: adult education and English as a Second Language. 

Contact person: Liz Bigler at

Applied Linguistics (AL)-- applies research and theory to real-world contexts and explores implications for enhancement of language learning and communication.

Contact Persons:  Jayoung Choi and Enrique Linan-Saavedra

Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) -- looks at issues and standards in the field of computer assisted language learning, promotes the development of CALL activities for EL instruction, works to ensure CALL is represented at conferences, and helps disseminate information about CALL to EL educators around the state.

Contact Person: Vacant

Dual Language Immersion (DLI)-- supports and promotes primary (native) language literacy as fundamental to acquisition of English as a second or foreign language. 

Contact Person: Christina Catinella at

lementary Education (EE)-- fosters recognition of ESOL as an academic discipline in elementary education, advocates for elementary ESOL and teacher training, and encourages development of useful materials.

Contact Person Cherrilynn Woods-Washington at

English as a Foreign Language
(EFL)-- facilitates exchanges on global and specific EFL/ESL issues and brings together professionals who have had or intend to have EFL/ESL experiences in different countries.

Contact Person: Barbara Dusterhoff at

Intensive English Programs (IEP)-exists to serve the needs of those who work in Intensive English Programs (IEPs).  IEPS serve nonnative speakers who need to acquire English proficiency in a relatively short time prior to or during regular academic study.  The concerns of the membership include methodology, curriculum design, materials development, placement, evaluation, program administration, technology-assisted instruction, English for Specific Purposes, culture, learners' concerns, and members' employment concerns.  This group comprises ESOL professionals involved in IEP teaching, IEP administration, and relationships with other IEPs.  The audience may also include administrators or teachers who wish to work for IEPs, such as graduate students in TESOL. Visit us on Facebook:  

Contact person:  Diana Wrenn at

Intercultural Communication (IC)-- promotes intercultural awareness and respect for all cultures and provides a clearly defined forum to bring together educators and scholars whose interests lie in intercultural communication, particularly in the context of English-language classes. 

Contact Persons:  Melba Pasante and Anthony Dahlen

ESL in Higher Education
(HE)-- promotes recognition of ESL as an established academic discipline, professional standards and practices, and professional employment conditions and provides a forum to exchange views and research as well as expertise to TESOL and other associations, institutions, and agencies.

Contact Person: Karen Shock at

Program Administration (PA)-- addresses special needs of ESL program administrators at all levels and provides a forum for strengthening managerial and leadership skills. 

Contact Person: Elizabeth Webb at

Second Language Writing
(SLW)-- provides a forum for researchers  and educators to discuss and exchange information in the area of second language writing.

Contact person: Mary Ann Browning at

Secondary Schools
(SS)-- facilitates exchange of information and expertise among secondary teachers and administrators.

Contact PersonVacant

Sociopolitical Concerns (SPC)-- provides a forum for researchers and educators to discuss and disseminate information on matters socially and/or politically related to TESOL. For a recent article in our newsletter regarding the 287(g) program and racial profiling, please see attachment at the bottom of this page.

Contact Persons: Tonna Harris-Bosselmann at and Jackie Saindon at 

Teacher Education
(TE)--provides a forum for those  interested in ESOL teacher education and fosters policies to improve  employment  and learning conditions for teachers and students.

Contact Person: Karen Kuhel at

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