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Georgia Teachers of English to
Speakers of Other Languages
Community Support Grant

Who’s Eligible: Any Georgia non-profit association working to support ELL teachers and/or students

Purpose: This grant was created to support non profit community organizations who are working to support the interests of ELL professionals and/or ELL students in the state of Georgia.

Amount: $1000

Criteria: Applications are examined for evidence of (a) how the non-profit organization will benefit ELL teachers and/or students, (b) the specific project or event which the funding will support, and (c) demonstrated need of financial assistance.

Application Deadline: Applications and recommendation letters must be submitted on or before October 15th.

Review Committee: 

Three or more Members-at-Large of the Georgia TESOL Executive Board will conduct a blind review of all complete applications. 

Additional Comments:

1. These funds will be available on an annual basis.
2. The Review Committee may recommend to award the grant to 2 recipients.
3. The recipient(s) will be notified by November 30th of the application year.

4. Grant funds will be dispersed as reimbursement when receipts are submitted to 

  • Any questions regarding the funds can be directed to the Grants and Awards Chairperson, Jamie Vogan, at

Georgia TESOL

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