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Georgia Teachers of English to
Speakers of Other Languages

Position Statements

As an Affiliate of the TESOL International Association, GATESOL yields to the official positions taken by TESOL on a broad range of issues related to the field of English language teaching.  Visit TESOL's Position Statements and Papers website for more information.

GATESOL supports TESOL International's Statement on Racial Injustice and Inequality issued on June 1, 2020

Across the United States, thousands of English language teachers work hard in their schools and classrooms, but face the difficult task of paying off student loans. As the student debt crisis continues to grow, and average teacher salaries remain low – especially for new teachers out of college – student loan relief is sorely needed.

The Supporting Providers of English Language Learning (SPELL) Act offers such relief by providing up to $17,500 in student loan forgiveness to English language teachers. Furthermore, this bill denotes English language teachers as highly valued educators by putting them on the same level as math, science, and special education teachers who are currently eligible for increased student debt forgiveness amounts.

Tell Congress to pass the SPELL Act and provide financial relief to English language teachers by sending your representatives e-mails and tweets.

Click the link below to take action now! 

Tell Congress to Provide Student Debt Relief for English Language Teachers!

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