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Georgia Teachers of English to
Speakers of Other Languages
Peru TESOL Travel Grant

Please research and consider possible covid-19 travel restrictions as you are applying. 

Purpose: This grant was created to promote cross-cultural understanding and the sharing of resources between Georgia TESOL and Peru TESOL. Please visit for more information. 

Who’s Eligible: Any current Georgia TESOL member who will present at Peru TESOL (see below for more details). 

Amount: up to $2,000 

Criteria: Applications are evaluated on the basis of (a) rationale, (b) relevance, (c) impact, (d) implementation plan, and (e) evaluation plan. Applicants are encouraged to view this rubric that will be used by the review panel.  


The application must include the abstract(s) of the conference proposal(s) and one recommendation letter. For information about submitting a proposal, visit the Peru TESOL website ( Two proposals are encouraged - Peru TESOL will sponsor lodging for presenters with multiple sessions. 

NOTE: Grant funds will be dispersed for reimbursement of travel. You must submit travel receipts and your proposal acceptance letter from Peru TESOL for reimbursement. You proposal acceptance letter is NOT required prior to applying for this grant opportunity. 

How to apply:

1) Complete the Georgia/Peru TESOL Travel Grant application.

2) Request one letter of recommendation. The recommendation letter must be submitted directly to the Grants and Awards Chair,  
 by the application due date. Subject line should read "Recommendation letter for _____ for GA/Peru TESOL Travel Grant."

Application Deadline: Applications for this grant must be completed on or before March 1st, which may differ from Peru TESOL's deadline.  

Review Committee: Three or more Members-at-Large of the Georgia TESOL's Executive Board will conduct a blind review of all complete applications.    

Additional Comments: 
  1. Applicants representing publishers are not eligible for this grant. 
  2. Applicant must have received a notification of acceptance from Peru TESOL OR submitted a proposal (Proposal must be submitted with the grant application).
  3. The recipient of the grant is expected to: give a report on his/her presentation at Georgia TESOL's Annual Conference following the presentation in Peru, write an article for the GATESOL Newsletter and/or social media outlets, and serve as a Peru TESOL Liaison for the following year's grant recipient.  
  4. The grant will be offered on a yearly basis.
  5. The recipient and other applicants will be notified of the committee's decision.
  6. A grantee may not reapply for at least three years.
  7. The Review Committee may decide that no grant will be provided for a given year.

All GATESOL grant funds will be disbursed through reimbursement upon submission of receipts or invoices to the GATESOL Treasurer at

Any questions regarding the grant can be directed to the Grants & Awards Chair at




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