Georgia Teachers of English to
Speakers of Other Languages
Rates and Forms for Travel Reimbursement

Click here, Per Diem Rates, to determine the Per Diem rates for the current fiscal Year.
Once you know the Per Diem Rates for the city you'll be visiting, click here to determine the Meals & Incidentals Expenses Breakdown.

 Travel Reimbursement Instructions:
  1. Review the Per Diem Rates website for current reimbursement rates
  2. Complete the GATESOL-Travel Expense Statement.  (Sample:  Georgia TESOL Travel Expense Statement SAMPLE)
  3. Compile receipts for Registration, Travel and Lodging.  Do NOT include receipts for meals.
  4. Send the completed Georgia TESOL Travel Expense Statement & receipts to the Georgia TESOL Treasurer (two options--see below).

Mileage Reimbursement Instructions:

Both thesforms is should be used by Regional Liaisons, Interest Section leaders, and Executive Board Members  to request mileage reimbursement for attendance at meetings, events, etc.
Mail paper copies to:
ATTN:  Treasurer
PO Box 17933
Atlanta, GA 30316


Email electronic copies to Georgia TESOL Treasurer, Greg Wickersham.
NOTE:  Georgia TESOL will reimburse in one single payment, not to multiple vendors.  If multiple vendors are involved, the recipient must make payment then request reimbursement from Georgia TESOL.

Georgia TESOL

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