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Adult Education Professional Development Topics

  • 01/18/2021 3:13 PM
    Message # 9874362

    Although I have received excellent ideas from a handful of our members, I would like to remind everyone to submit ideas for future Professional Development Meetings through GATESOL Adult Education. I am planning to host regular (monthly or quarterly depending on interest level) meetings wherein we can connect and benefit from a professional presentation on various topics in our field. Feel free to post here or email me privately at

    Thank you! 

  • 01/19/2021 9:16 AM
    Reply # 9876983 on 9874362
    Jackie Saindon

    Here are a couple that I am thinking about:

    What is the role of volunteers in community or school based adult esl or family literacy?

    What should part time teachers be paid.  Should that differ by type of training they have

    How can adult literacy centers access some of the money from the 2021 stimulus package

    What are the different types of adult esl  occurring in Georgia

    Should adult esl learners be assessed: formal and informal, what type of record should teachers keep, for their administration, for themselves and their learners.

    What are the best online resources: Can you make a list of the top five?

  • 01/22/2021 2:24 PM
    Reply # 9938232 on 9874362
    Alyson Richardson

    Thank you, Jackie, for your excellent list of ideas. I look forward to discussing these in more detail at our first Professional Development Meeting. 

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