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Georgia Teachers of English to
Speakers of Other Languages

Regional Liaisons

The GATESOL Board has made the decision to improve communication between various parts of the state by appointing Regional Liaisons for a period of two years.  Regional Liaisons are appointed by the President and will assist GATESOL in ensuring greater participation in the organization.  If you have any concerns or information you wish to share, please contact the person in your region for assistance. The Duties and Responsibilities of this position are listed below, as well as a list of current regional liaisons. To determine your region, please see the map of regions.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Regional Liaisons serve as contacts between the GATESOL Executive Board and members who live or work in one of the 16 designated regions. Liaisons shall be appointed by the President. Regional Liaisons shall attend a minimum of 1 Board Meeting per year of service; become informed about issues concerning political/legislative initiatives that impact English learners in Georgia; organize a regional meeting for his/her region for local members, universities, school districts, etc.


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